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Mein wunderbares Lokal – Audiobook

Klara Wimmer: Mein wunderbares Lokal - Audio Book




E-Book + Audio

Audiobook in German by Klara Wimmer
Level 1: Beginners (A1) = Novice High

The story tells about Birgit who often comes to the nearby restaurant during her lunch break because the daily menu is good, extensive and inexpensive. But the new young waiter who serves Birgit is anything but a skilful waiter: he forgets her order, often brings the wrong order or even brings it late. Which of course annoys Birgit because her break is short. But from initial quarreling and charged tension, something unexpected soon develops. – The second short story by Klara Wimmer, who has now set the plot in Vienna.

Duration: 01:01:00

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Klara Wimmer: Mein wunderbares Lokal - Audiobook

Mein Wunderbares Lokal - Audiobook