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Mein Leben in Wien – 1. Teil

Klara Wimmer: Mein Leben in Wien 1. Teil - German Short Story

A short story for German learners with English vocabulary section by Klara Wimmer
Level 4: Intermediate (B2) = Advanced Low/Mid

Marco is Italian, 32 years old he has been living in Vienna since nine years. His initial enthusiasm about his new life has waned over the years: Although he has an understanding girlfriend and also the long-awaited job in a good law firm, he is generally not satisfied. Does the problem lie with his work colleague Schmidt? Or with the landlord and at the same time his neighbour Bozek? Or are the thirties so unpleasant in everyone’s life? Marco asks himself questions and thinks out loud – tries to solve his resentment in an honest and also amusing way. 

“My Life in Vienna – Part 1” is the first of 3 parts of a story. 

ISBN: 979-8410610681
Pages: 98



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